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On the Soulside Cafe

Our Story

Welcome to The Soulside Cafe, a beloved establishment nestled within the historic Gearin Hotel. Run by David Griffiths, our cafe has been a cherished destination in Katoomba for the past five years. With a passion for live music, David ensures that our cafe is alive with the sounds of talented performers most days of the week.


Steeped in history, our cafe occupies a space once owned by the renowned Australian actor Jack Thompson. Join us at The Soulside Cafe, where delicious food, warm hospitality, and vibrant entertainment await in the heart of Katoomba.

The Gearin

David Griffiths Black and White Photo

David Griffiths .. on the Soulside cafe

Soulside Under a Dark Sky

Soulside Under a Dark Sky

Soulside Cafe Night

Soulside Cafe Night

Joseph John Mathews

Local Singer Songwriter Joseph John Mathews

Royal Enfield On the Soulside cafe

Royal Enfield motorbike, On the Soulside cafe

Customers at the Soulside cafe

Customers at the Soulside cafe.. enjoy the warm fire.

Our Town

winter-magic-festival crowd 2023.jpg
Visitors at echo point, three Sisters.jpg
three sisters, echo point 2023.jpg
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